Create a Rockmelon Link via API
A Rockmelon Link (RL) is a unique URL created by Rockmelon which combines many links into one. You can create a RL using an API endpoint below.
Each RL can also belong to a collection called Rockmelon Collection (RC) which groups many RLs into one. When you create a RL, you can optionally give a RC identifier to assign the RL to that collection.
api_key - REQUIRED - Available when you create an account
name - REQUIRED - Name of Rockmelon Link
links - REQUIRED - List of links to add to this RL
rc_identifier - OPTIONAL - Rockmelon Collection identifier, which this Rockmelon Link belongs to
  linkGroup : { 
    identifier : 10-character-unique-identifier,
    url :
    name : name-of-the-link-group,
    links : [
You can then take the URL which will take you to a page that can open all the URLs at once.
Available on DopplerTask

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