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One Sweet Link to Open Them All
Rockmelon combines many URLs into a single link.
Share it & click on the link to open all URLs at once 😎
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ProductHunt Daily Links
See all of today's submitted projects with one single click! Better yet, subscribe and receive links daily in your inbox.
Show HN Daily
See today's Show HN links from HackerNews - subscribe and receive Rockmelon Links and open them all at once.
Why Rockmelon?
Save your precious time
Did you know on average you click on at least 100 links per day? Isn't it about time we save those precious finger clicks and time wasted on sites to load?
Quicker browsing
Stop clicking on all those links on the sites like ProductHunt or newsletter emails. Rockmelon lets you open them all at once in one single click.
Better support for your customers
If you run a website or newsletter, use Rockmelon to boost your user experience. Nobody enjoys clicking on all those links.
Where can I use Rockmelon?
📰 If you read Reddit, HN, PH or sites that link to other pages and if you are generally clicking lots of links and opening lots of tabs, Rockmelon is perfect for you.
📨 Send newsletters via email that contain many links? Why make your readers click them individually? Given them an option to open them all at once!
💻 Developer? Automate the entire page-opening experience by using our API to create Rockmelon Links automatically and send you an email each day.
😎 Sending out lots of links and sharing with other people? Send them to one single link to open all your links at once!
Rockmelon Features.
Link clicking management
Bundle 10 or 300 links. Rockmelon handles all. Open all or 10, 20 links at a time.
Easy link bundling with API
You can use Rockmelon on the web or you can use our API to combine links and manage them.
Collect link bundles into one
Collect link bundles into one page - great for ongoing newsletters and websites with frequent updates.
Frequent link health check
Rockmelon frequently checks links to ensure they are still valid & let you know if they become broken.
Private links (coming soon!)
Password protect links you create so that only selected users can access your link bundles.
Analytics (coming soon!)
Find out who clicked on your link bundle and its usage to better understand your users.
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